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Vinegar…who knew? July 30, 2008

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Vinegar. A┬ácommon household staple that’s usually readily available in most homes has many uses that many people probably never think about. If you are looking for more natural ways to clean your home, checkout the following lists of household uses for vinegar.

* laundry fabric softner (I’ve heard it leaves clothes clothesline FRESH!)
* Vinegar is a great glass cleaner. It also works well to clean the innards of the coffee maker (run plain water through a cycle or two after you run the vinegar).
* Soaking clothes in water with vinegar added removes smoky smell. After my apartment burned, I tried this with clothes I had salvaged from the burned apartment. It worked great. This was one use I found when I searched online for uses for vinegar.
* I use vinegar to clean my fridge. It works well and I don’t have to worry about it being close to my food like I would with bleach.
* I love using vinegar for cleaning the bathroom. I keep a spray bottle in the shower and spray it down after I get done showering. It completely keeps the hard water stains and soap scum away.
* To lessen the sharp smell of vinegar sprinkle with some baking soda- a natural deodorizer. Both vinegar and baking soda work wonders, but together- really you don’t need anything else.
* …I use it all over the place. I keep a spray bottle of half vinegar/half water and use it for the dry erase board, window/mirror cleaner, small carpet stains, wiping down the table, spraying it on dishes that may have sat for a day (it breaks it right up and makes cleaning a breeeze!), and I buy vinegar buy the gallon and go through a gallon about a week and a half. I use it in the wash – it’s excellent for removing “accident” smells from little boy clothing/sheets and for general freshness. I also use it in the dishwasher as it helps to remove soap scum from the dishes… BTW, I’ve found it’s cheapest at Wal-mart if you buy store brand.
* I use vinegar and really hot water in my carpet steamer. It makes your carpet squeaky clean and it removes stains.
* I also used it this morning to get dry erase marker off the wall.

(This list was complied from fellow bloggers who have posted about their uses of vinegar.)