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Keeping it real July 18, 2008

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We hear alot of people talk about keeping it real. But I wonder how many people actually keep it real. I mean, could we handle being around each other if we “kept it real” all of the time. Could we handle the brutal honesty involved in “keeping it real”?

Well let’s see. Here’s some brutal honesty for your ass. Let’s keep it real.

1. I love being a mother, but sometimes my kids drive me nuts and I just want to drive away and not come back.

2. Being married does not get easier after 7 years. I now understand the saying “marry someone who loves you more than you love them.”

3. My oldest son is gay and it devastates the hell out of me.

4. Sometimes I think about calling the supernanny to help me get my house under control because I don’t feel like I can do it myself.

5. I am usually more sad than I am happy and I don’t know why. I’m not depressed, but just kind of blah.

I guess I better stop there. I don’t want anyone to think that I’ve jumped off the deep end (as if anyone really reads my blog, but just in case.) There will be more to come. We’ll let these marinate. If you think these were bad, just wait until you see the rest. Peace!


Destiny November 21, 2007

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I always knew B was destined for stardom. I’ve known since he was a kiddo that I could expect great things from him. Last month he auditioned for a Dallas Morning News commercial and he got the part. So now, I frequently see my baby on TV. A few weeks ago, he auditioned for a NIKE commercial and he also got that part. He shot his part in Dallas. He said my Josh Howard, of Dallas Mavs fame, kicked them out of their trailer when he arrived. HOW DARE HE! :O Basically his job was to make the facial expressions for the commercial. He isn’t sure when it will air, but I told him that this could be the start of something big for him. NIKE is international, not just local. Get ready, B! It’s about to happen for you baby!