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We’re Moving On October 19, 2007

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Today is S’s birthday. We’re not doing much, just hanging out and watching movies. Spending some QT together. I think he noticed a few more gray hairs. LOL We spent some time talking and decided that we are going to move on in marriage. Forget all of the problems of the past. We are going to pick up and start anew. In this, we talked about renewing our wedding vows next year on our anniversary. The fact that we eloped and never had a wedding has always bothered me. In the beginning we were supposed to have a ceremony after we eloped, but as with everything else that got pushed to the wayside in the mix of all of life’s other chaos. Here we are 9 years later and that little tidbit still gnaws at me. I asked S if this is something he really wants to do and he said yes. I know he knows that I want a wedding, but I don’t want him to do it JUST for me. I want him to WANT it as well. Maybe I should stop questioning his motives and just be happy that he wants to do it. It could be a step in the right direction in our marriage. That’s it. I won’t question. I will just do as he asks me to do sometimes: don’t question, just do ask he asks… 🙂