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Happy 80th Birthday, Meme! July 26, 2008

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We celebrated Meme’s 80th birthday today. Of course we had everything planned down to the last minute detail. Who knew that by the end of the day we’d have to deal with with a last minute, unexpected phone call, the cops showing up, a car fire on the freeway, and a party with no party favors!

Let me start from the beginning. We, the grandkids, were throwing the surprise party. So the plan was for Seon and I to get the balloons, banner, and birthday card. MeShawn was going to get the cake, tableware, flowers, and ice cream. We gathered everything at our house and everyone met at the Olive Garden for dinner. We were there no longer than 5 minutes when Seon’s work pager goes off. He calls in and wouldn’t you know it – he has to go to work. Needless to say, he was upset and as he rushed off, I didn’t think about the fact that he was leaving with the doorkey to the house. The same house where all of the party favors sat.

In the meantime, we stuff ourselves on appetizers, salad, and breadstics. By the time our food arrived, I already know I’m going to need a carryout. We ate and chatted, while Kyndal had everyone eating out of the palm of his hands the whole time. I order Seon Shrimp Fettacine to go and then MeShawn and I prepare to leave to setup for the party. That’s when I realize I have no key to get in the house! We try calling Seon at work, but I knew that the odds of getting him were slim because this wasn’t a typical day of work for him. I couldn’t call Bryson for the simple fact that I have yet to put his cell number into memory. So here we are. Stuck! Not sure what to do next. Then just in time, Seon calls and says he’s done and that he would be leaving in about 20 mintues. Which meant we still had at least 45 mintues to kill because he still had to drive home. So Aunt Bell and Kaye went to pickup the balloons, Dominic and I rode with MeShawn, Rachel and Brian, and Kyndal went with NaeNae, Meme, and Sheila. They going to do some grocery shopping for Kyndal since he’s going home with NaeNae for a week! :O

Now since we had some time to kill, we decided to stop by the mall – Rachel needed a pair of pants before leaving for camp this week. After getting the pants, and a new handbag for myself, we head to Meme’s. Now wouldn’t you know it, as we make the loop onto the freeway, we notice a car had caught fire. Right in our exit lane! But we were quick in thinking on our feet and were barely able to bypass it.  Seon calls and says he’s already at the house and will take everything to Meme’s and we could just meet them there. As me make it to the corner of Meme’s house, we notice several police cars coming from that direction. We pull up to the house and are told that no one could remember the code to the security system and when the security company called they couldn’t provide the correct password. (Of course, if Seon had’ve been there all of that would have been avoided because if anyone knows that information – he does!) Somehow they convinced the police that we were giving a surprise party and they left! Only in the hood!

We get everything setup just as NaeNae calls and says they are on their way. When they arrive, Meme is surprised! She never expected us to be there, so she definitely didn’t expect a party in her honor. She gushed and blushed and gave us tips on how we too could still be gorgeous at 80. All in all, we had a wonderful time, despite a few snaphos along the way. Meme never knew (well we did tell her about the cops coming) but she was so happy and excited. It was a great day!