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Another day, another hotel December 24, 2008

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Our travels on the road continues. Here we are again at another hotel. This seems to becoming the story of our lives. But believe it or not, Id much rather be at the hotel than at Meme’s or Mom’s houses. Not that being with them is all bad, but I just get to be comfortable when we get a room. I can walk around naked if I want to and feel free to do it. I can sit and do nothing if I want to without feeling like I’m in someone’s way or not doing enough. I can be me. I’m also starting to feel like we are wearing out our welcome at Meme’s and that we are interrupting her life – taking her through too many changes. I appreciate everything that she’s done to help us out, but I hate to put her out. And besides, I also want my own life back. Meme doesn’t like the fact that we pay for hotel rooms, she complains when we tell her that we are doing so. So we’ve just stopped telling her – only to have Kyndal rat us out when he gets back over there. 🙂 This is the fourth hotel we’ve stayed at in the last two months. We have been here since Monday night and will be staying until Saturday morning. Yes, it’s money that we can be saving, but for the privacy and peace, I will pay it. This can’t be over soon enough!


Our new plan October 22, 2008

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Well, Seon and I have made a drastic decision in an effort to save money. We have decided to temporary move to the Can with my mom in order to save money for the down payment on our house and to put some money in our savings account. We know this is a big step, but in order to get where we want to be financially, we are will to make this sacrifice for a few months. Our plan is to be there unti l June or July. My mom was fine with it and actually sounded kind of excited. Everyone seems to be glad that we are coming. Even Meme was understanding about our decision once we laid our plan out to her. Of course she hates to see Kyndal go, but we decided that he will continue to come to her on her usual babysitting days and that he will also continue daycare. All of the hard work that went into getting him used to school would all be in vain if we pulled him out. He really enjoys school now. That is, once he’s there. Now of course, there has to be some snags to every well thought out plan. Seon’s mom isn’t too happy with our decision. But we had to come to terms with the fact that this isn’t about his mother. It’s about bettering our family. We’re the ones making the sacrifice, so we aren’t going to worry about how others feel about it. We love her all the same, but this is what we have to do for us and our boys.

So this weekend is our last weekend in Funkytown for 8-9 months. By the time we return, our *$&% will be in order. I just hope this time will go by pretty quickly. Corsicana isn’t high on my list of places to live. But I keep chanting my mantra to myself: “It’s for the good of our family. It’s only temporary. It will be over before I know it.” Now I just have to make myself believe that!

Ho, ho, ho! It’s off to The Can we go.