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Whoever said that breastfed babies… October 11, 2008

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are healthier “can kiss my grits” as Flo from one of my all time classic shows, Alice, would say. Kyndal was the only one of my boys that I breastfed and he stays sicker than the other two. Bryson has never been sick, well outside of his bout with tonsilitis last year when he practically drove me nuts. And yes, Dominic has had his rounds with asthma, but it has always been easy to get under control. But Kyndal! That is another story. He’s constantly got a stuffy/runny nose or some kind of cough. Allergies. The recurring boils that just seem to pop up out of nowhere on his body. Then there’s the not one, not two, not three, but four ear infections – one of which was a double ear infection that resulted in a ruptured eardrum. And don’t let me fail to mention his constant bouts with asthma. Add to this the time he was intibated due to a misdiagnosis of epitiglitis, which turned out to be bronchitis. This kid is always making us take those exciting trips to the ER and doctor’s office. If it wasn’t for our crappy but trusty ole’ health insurance, we’d been in the poor house for real. What? Was there something wrong with my milk? Was it tainted? What is wrong with my breastfed baby?


Things they won’t give up August 11, 2008

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This is Kyndal.


This is Kyndal’s “Lighting Keen Cup”(quite used I might add)


This is Kyndal with his “Lighting Keen Cup”


Kyndal has had his “Lighting Keen Cup” (oh yeah, that’s Kyndalese for Lightning McQueen Cup) for some time. When I think about it, he’s actually had it over half of his life. He loves his “Lighting Keen Cup” and just won’t part with it. He wants to drink out of it every single time he has a drink. (So glad he has more than one!) I’ve tried to get him interested in a “big boy” cup, but he’s not having it. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that he can take his cup into the family room and I don’t have to worry about carpet stains or anything. I do worry sometimes the effect that it’s having on his teeth, but they look fine, so I don’t stress. Some kiddos have blankies and binkies. My lil’ munchkin has his “Lighting Keen Cup”. Now if he’s still attached by the time he gets to kindergarten, then we might have a problem.

Do your kids have special things they are attached to?


Sweet Potato Pie & Sunday Supper August 10, 2008

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My lil’ helper and I baked a sweet potato pie to top off our dinner today. I was quite impressed with my handy work since the pie, including the delicate, flaky crust, was homemade! By me! Well, and my lil’ helper of course. Kyndal loves to help me cook. So much so that he knows what ingredients we need for certain things, say his favorite…PANCAKES…and he will grab what he can reach while I get everything else. Maybe he will be our culinary wonder one day. Isn’t my lil’ helper a cutie?

Anyway, here is the pie that we baked. It was pretty good, I mean I’ve made sweet potato pie many times. But this was my first time making my own crust from scratch. The pie is much thicker than I prefer, but I didn’t make enough dough for two pie shells, so I had to use my deep pie dish. The crust is nice and flaky, even though the edges did get darker than I’d have liked. This was mainly due to the fact that I had to let the pie bake a little longer in order for the center to set completely. But all in all, it wasn’t bad. Seon said it tasted good, although he would have preferred it not as thick as well. Here’s a photo of the end result. 

Dinner was rather tasty as well. Here’s a peak at our meal as well, which consisted of grilled pork chops, cream cheese potatoes, and corn on the cob. The pie topped our dinner off perfectly.


Missing my baby like crazy! July 30, 2008

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Well, it has hit me hard! I miss my baby like crazy! Kyndal left to spend a week with NaeNae on Sunday when she went back to Killeen. I was so looking forward to this break, but I miss hearing his whiny voice calling mommy to play. I miss chasing him around the house. I miss swinging him around like he’s always asking me to do. I miss cuddling with him at night. I even miss him waking up bright and early each morning asking for his chocolate milk, pancakes, and eggs. Mind you, I haven’t cooked breakfast at all this week since he’s been gone. So Dominic and Bryson are probably ready for him to get back for this reason if no other. Nope, Mom hasn’t cooked breakfast in four days!

Now wouldn’t you know it, he is having asthma symptoms now that he’s there! I talked to him yesterday and noticed the signs immediately. I mentioned it to NaeNae and she said that he’d been wheezing the night before. Of course I packed his nebulizer to go with him, but in the rush I didn’t notice that the medicine cap didn’t get into the bag. So I looked on the internet to find a medicine supply store in their area, which the closest one ended up being in Temple. He hadn’t had any asthma issues in the past month or so. But as soon as he leaves, they flare up. But I guess it just wouldn’t be Kyndal if he wasn’t starting a ruckus in some way or another.

Needless to say, I’m so looking forward to tomorrow when he gets home. All of the things he’s been begging me to do, we will do: go swimming, make sno-cones, go to the movies, go bowling, and go to Six Flags to name a few. This is the first time my baby has been away from me this long and I can’t wait for him to get back home.