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Did You Know – Easter, The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg, & Natural Egg Dyes March 22, 2009

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easter-eggsEaster was always one of my favorite holidays growing up. The religious aspect of the celebration didn’t mean much to me. I knew it had to do with Jesus’s resurrection but that was about it. What I looked forward to was coloring eggs and the egg hunts. As a parent, I strive for balance. As I teach my kids the meaning of the holiday, I also try to make Easter just as fun and exciting for my boys as it was for me.

Here are some facts about Easter…

* Easter is one of the most important Christian holidays.

* Easter is celebrated by Chrisitians to observe Jesus’s resurrections three days after his crucifixion.

* Easter marks the end of Lent, a season of prayer and penance.

 * The Easter Bunny, a well recognized symbol for Easter, orignated in Germany. It was introduced to America by German settlers who immigrated to the Pennsylvania Dutch country.

 * Long ago, in Pagan times, the egg was considered a symbol of new life and rebirth. Chrisitans embraced this theory after Jesus’s resurrection, likening it to the tomb from which Christ arose.

* Easter eggs have almost no part in the Easter celebrations of Mexico, South America, and Native American Indian cultures.

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Last year around this time, I posted about how to make the perfect hard boiled egg, which as a matter of fact, isn’t boiled at all. Since Easter is right around the corner, I thought it fitting to give this information again. Click here for how to get the perfect hard boiled egg. In addition, you can also click here to find inexpensive ways to naturally color your eggs and save money in the process.


In comes Father’s Day… June 17, 2008

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…and I wasn’t spiteful. I’m awakened by kisses from my horny husband and we started the morning with some loving. What a great first gift! LOL I then got up and made breakfast for him and the boys. We didn’t go to church today, opting to stay in and relax. We decided for dinner we would have grilled burgers (which is what he wanted). I came across a recipe for delicious burgers. They were perfectly seasoned and sooo juicy! We spent the day with the boys – hanging out and watching movies. The day wasn’t spectacular, but it was pleasant. We ended it just as it began. I’m awaken with a kiss, over in the middle of the night, by my horny husband and to our favorite intimate video playing on TV. A few minutes later the movie is watching us. What a great last gift! 🙂


No special Mother’s Day for me May 12, 2008

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My thoughts of being pampered and appreciated today quickly faded when I got up this morning to make coffee and cook breakfast. Not quite what I expected, but we were running late in getting ready for church, so it was really no big deal.

Yesterday, I’d told S that I’d like him to make his lasgna for me for dinner. So after church, he dropped K and I off at home (D had spent the weekend with his friend) and he went to the store to get the rest of what he needed for dinner. I had to run to the store to get Meme’s gift, since S didn’t want to stop and get it last night while we were out. While there I decided to pick myself out a few things from myself for Mother’s Day since it was obvious that no one else had thought about getting me anything.

When I get back home, the lasagna was ready, I prepared Meme’s gift and we headed to her house to take her dinner and her gift. We get back home and I help S finish our dinner. We sit down to eat and afterwards I’m off to the kitchen to clean up what S didn’t clean while he cooked, as well as picking up the mess K had left all of the family room. Later, I make our usual evening coffee and S and I down to relax.

All day, I’d been secretly hoping that he’d had bought me something and would spring it on me any minute. But my earlier assumption had been right, he hadn’t. He’d told me “Happy Mother’s Day” throughout the day, but I was still kind of sad that he didn’t even get me a card. And it’s not like we didn’t have a few extra dollars in the bank for him to get something. If there isn’t any other day that I’d like to be shown a little bit appreciation, I’d expect it on Mother’s Day. I ask myself if I’m whining over nothing. I just felt unappreciated – B didn’t even call me until late in the evening – a call that I missed and he didn’t even call back. At one time, it was guaranteed that he’d acknowledge me on Mother’s Day with some small token of appreciation. And then D didn’t make it home until almost 9pm.

Oh well, I will just chalk it up and move on to tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day to me!