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In comes Father’s Day… June 17, 2008

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…and I wasn’t spiteful. I’m awakened by kisses from my horny husband and we started the morning with some loving. What a great first gift! LOL I then got up and made breakfast for him and the boys. We didn’t go to church today, opting to stay in and relax. We decided for dinner we would have grilled burgers (which is what he wanted). I came across a recipe for delicious burgers. They were perfectly seasoned and sooo juicy! We spent the day with the boys – hanging out and watching movies. The day wasn’t spectacular, but it was pleasant. We ended it just as it began. I’m awaken with a kiss, over in the middle of the night, by my horny husband and to our favorite intimate video playing on TV. A few minutes later the movie is watching us. What a great last gift! 🙂