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Natural cleaning with Tea Tree Oil May 21, 2008

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“Tea tree oil comes from the leaves of the plant Melaleuca Alternifolia and is native to Australia. With it’s antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, tea tree oil makes a great all-natural household cleaner.”

All-Purpose Cleaner: Use 15 drops of tea tree oil to 1 quart of water in a spray bottle. Use on counter tops or for general cleaning.

Mold Killer: Combine 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil in 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake to blend. Spray on mold and don’t rinse.

Laundry Disinfectant: Add one teaspoon of tea tree oil per load to disinfect laundry such as diapers or to prevent transmission of fungal infections.

Happy green cleaning!

Courtesy of Green Mom Finds


Wal-Mart & Going Green April 19, 2008

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Well, since I’ve been on a “Going Green” tangent, I decided to post this link to info that I found on Wal-Mart’s website. Click the title of this post to go find additional things thta you and your family can do to save money and our environment at the same time.


Whole Foods April 5, 2008

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Well, with the birth of a new baby coming this year, this whole thing about going green has gotten me to really thinking about what I can do for my family. It’s my job to ensure that I’m providing the absolute best for them. I’ve been doing alot of researching and reading, and in doing so I came across the Whole Foods website. Click on the title of this post to find out more about Whole Foods Market and see if there is anything that interests you. You just might be surprise…


Going Green

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We’ve been hearing alot about the benefits of going green alot on TV. All of the advertising about going green has gotten me to thinking more about my family’s well-being and our environment. Don’t get me wrong, I was aware of many of the benefits before, but actually really didn’t care much. My mindset was, the little stuff that I’m throwing away isn’t making a much of an impact on the environment. But the more I think about it, I realize that if my family is filling landfills with all of this stuff, along with the MANY other families that are thinking the same way that I was, that would make a HUGE impact. What are we leaving for our babies, and their babies, and their babies? How will all of this affect them?

The more I live, the more I learn. So now my family has started to recycle – we’ve actually been recycling for a few months now. We’ve always tried to do our best to conserve water and energy. Now I’m thinking, what else can we do?


FINALLY….I’m back online!!!! March 6, 2008

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And it about frigging time! I have had the hardest time getting someone to come and install our phone and internet and once we got the phone, the internet was still slow. We’d been connecting through public networks, but the connection was too slow, so it wasn’t worth the hassle. But now, I’m connected wirelessly once again and can’t get back to business as usual!

Let’s see, the only thing that has really happened is that we celebrated K’s 3rd birthday this past weekend. We didn’t have a party because we were supposed to go to Killen’s to visit my MIL for his birthday, but the car broke down and we weren’t able to go. So we threw some meat on the grill and barbecued. We’ve been doing that pretty much every weekend since we’ve been in the house. S says he’s honing his skills for his BBQ shack…Huzbunz BBQ (I came up with the name, he came up with the g’fab spelling. We’ve even been joking about opening a 2-n-1 – BBQ/Photo place…Dojo…LOL…I think that would be cool though. Get your pictures taken and then have some BBQ afterwards. Sounds good to me.

Oh yea, I had my first real photo shoot this weekend! I mean, of someone who isn’t family. I did family photos for Lucy C. They came out pretty good being that I’m not using a prof camera yet. I have half of the money saved. I will have my baby in my hand soon! I’d come across a sale on them at Wal-Mart for $198!!!! I couldn’t believe it. They were so cheap because they were discontinuing them. And wouldn’t you know it, they had sold out!!!! I was heart broken. That was a deal you couldn’t beat.

B is settling in well in Florida. He says he’s enjoying himself and loves his job. I’m happy. I think the shock of him being gone has worn off and I’m starting to adjust. I still miss him like crazy but I have to let him grow up. He remembered to call K on his birthday this weekend just in time. We were just getting ready to sing Happy Birthday when the phone rung. I was so happy!

Other than hating my job right now and it being cold as heck outside (it’s snowing and icing over when just yesterday and this past weekend it was close to 80 degrees!), life is good. I think I’m actually happy for a change! 🙂 Go figure.

Today’s photo, one of Lucy and Benji.


Away January 19, 2008

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Well, we are moving out of this apartment! YAYYY!!! We got ourselves a house! I can’t wait to get settled. I even have an area for my studio! Well, it’s actually the formal living/dining area, but the way the house is built, that area is right next to the family area. So we don’t need both areas, so I get to use that as my studio. I already have lights and backgrounds cominng! Now I’ve got to get my camera.

With that being said, we are in the process of moving and I won’t have access to the internet until Tuesday at least.

Oh yea, I just realized that I never finished my story about Brashawn. No time to do it now. I will be sure and do it when I am able to log back on.

Pic of the day…my camera that I’m saving for! The Canon Rebel XTI. The Canon EOS D40 is my dream camera.


UNTITLED January 6, 2008

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Well, yesterday past without any update to the files. There’s really no reason for it because I wasn’t doing anything…other than, yes you know it, hanging out at Cafemom. I really do have a life, but I told myself that I would do nothing during my holiday break. And guess what, I didn’t. It will all end too soon.

Today we met with Paul about the house we are trying to buy. I am not going to get too excite about this because I’m tired of getting excited only to be let down in the end. I really don’t see how this could happen since the issue with the other house was only a year and a half ago. I’m trying to be positive for S because he is excite and I don’t want to pull him down. He keeps telling me to be optimistic. I’m just being realisitic. We should be hearing something from Paul Monday or Tuesday. I hate this. I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS APARTMENT THOUGH!

I had something that I wanted to post yesterday, but for the life of me I can’t think of what it was. Guess I will update later if I think of it.