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Sick Grown Folks January 17, 2008

Filed under: Life - Mood: Crazy — Flickerchic @ 8:58 pm

OK…it has been 5 days and B is driving me nuts! He hasn’t ever been sick and now he has tonsilitis and you would swear that he is near death. I’ve been trying to be the good mommy and love him up and take care of him, but he is worse than the little ones! When D and K are sick, I have to literally make them lay down and rest because they still want to try and play. But him, he can’t even walk to the bathroom! Why is it when grown folks get sick they can’t function? When I’m sick, I can’t just stop and lay up. I still have meals to fix, bathes to give, a house to clean, kids to look after, and a husband to love. If I just stopped the house would shut down. There is no downtime for sick mommies!