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Mother’s Day Brunch May 10, 2009

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Yesterday we went to The Can today for Mother’s Day Brunch with the moms at Aunt Gloria and Uncle Bill’s house. We also dedicated this day in memory of Auntie Nell, may she rest in peace. We had a great time. There was plenty of food, had the domino games going, and eventually the young, old schools got a game of basketball going. The day was going well, with no incidents.

After leaving Auntie Gloria’s, we took the party to Debo’s. And of course, it was on then. It would take my husband and I to cause a ruckus, however. As we were turning into Debos, Seon kind of did a slight spinout because she lives off of a gravel street. Leave it to me to suggest to him, “You should’ve done a full donut. I’ve been wanting to do that every since we got the car.” And what does my dear hubby do? He backs up and does the donut. Now, we were thinking we were the only ones outside. We didn’t see the people sitting in their cars across the street. Needless to say, they come across the street talking about their kids being outside and they could have gotten hurt. Seon apologized, saying he didn’t see the kids and if he would have he wouldn’t have done it. Of course, they didn’t want to let it go. As I’m walking up they are still yakking. I’d had a few drinks and was not in the mood to listen to it. I walk up, ready to do the Bonnie and Clyde thing with my husband. He couldn’t hit her ass, but I definitely could. Debo was walking up talking about coming out of retirment. Needless to say, nothing jumped off. Fish kind of calmed his neighbors down and we headed to the house. About 10 minutes later, four cop cars come pulling up. But the night ended well. No one went to jail. Seon admitted what he did and apologized. The cops accepted and let us enjoy the rest of our evening.

I enjoyed seeing crazy, rowdy family. I realized that I miss it and that I need to go home more often.

Photos to come soon.


Friday Gathering May 1, 2009

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Seon and I invited a few family and friends over for game night. We had a blast. In the beginning, it was supposed to be a Texas Hold’em Game Nite, but as in typical Walker fashion, we just rolled with the punches. I’d thought about cancelling due to the fact that we are supposed to be in “quarantine” around these parts. But I know I’m tired of sitting and doing nothing and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So we went on with our plans, hoping that we would not be wasting money on drinks and food. I’m glad we did. Our friends and family came and we were able to remove ourselves from the crazy world that has seemed to become enveloped in nothing but fear of swine flu. The cards games were quickly kicked to the curb because Karaoke was the showstopper. Thank you to everyone who came. Plans for the next gathering are already in motion.

Pics to come soon. That is once I’m able to get to a computer to upload them.