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Well, maybe God has been listening and answered my prayers. Schools have been closed effective immediately due to a swine flu epidemic. According to the news reports, there are three schools in the district that have confirmed cases of the swine flu. Now let me say, this was not the way that I was wanting to get a break, but I will take it! I really  need to clear my mind and regroup. This has been a very stressful year. Much more so than last year. I just don’t understand why our school can’t be NORMAL!!! But nonetheless, I get a mini vacation and I’m thrilled. Now let me find something for us to get into!


I hate this damn computer April 21, 2009

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Okay I know I’ve posted about this several times before. And here I go again. Why didn’t I listen to the Sales Rep at Best Buy when he told me not to buy a Toshiba computer. But what did Tina do? Tina goes ahead and buys the Toshiba. After everything else that I’ve dealt with with this laptop, not the freaking monitor goes out on it. And the janky thing is only 2 years old. So I guess I’ve learned a very expensive and time consuming lesson. DON’T BUY A TOSHIBA LAPTOP!!