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Just blog… March 20, 2009

Filed under: General,life - Mood: Contemplative — Flickerchic @ 1:56 pm

Okay, we are settled back into our own place, which allows me to get back to work on my blog. While I had some off time, I started to think about the direction I wanted to go with this blog. It’s already been through some many changes, but sometimes I still feel like I haven’t found my comfy groove. As I read over some of what I’ve written, it appears that I’m all over the place with my posts.

My overall goal for this blog from the beginning was for me to have a place to channel my thoughts. This is still the case, it emcompasses so much more than woe is me journals, sappy posts about the kiddos, or rants and raves about the hubby. Surely there will be plenty of these postings, but I want this blog to also serve as a source of information. A guide. A place to meet kindred spirits and like minds.

So, as I once again find myself in this frantic state to make changes to something that may not need to be changed, I consider the notion that maybe my blog is just what I hoped it would be. Yes, the posts are random and all over the place. Isn’t that what resources are: various tidbits of information throughout a given place. Maybe I should just leave well enough alone. And just blog…


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