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Whoever said that breastfed babies… October 11, 2008

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are healthier “can kiss my grits” as Flo from one of my all time classic shows, Alice, would say. Kyndal was the only one of my boys that I breastfed and he stays sicker than the other two. Bryson has never been sick, well outside of his bout with tonsilitis last year when he practically drove me nuts. And yes, Dominic has had his rounds with asthma, but it has always been easy to get under control. But Kyndal! That is another story. He’s constantly got a stuffy/runny nose or some kind of cough. Allergies. The recurring boils that just seem to pop up out of nowhere on his body. Then there’s the not one, not two, not three, but four ear infections – one of which was a double ear infection that resulted in a ruptured eardrum. And don’t let me fail to mention his constant bouts with asthma. Add to this the time he was intibated due to a misdiagnosis of epitiglitis, which turned out to be bronchitis. This kid is always making us take those exciting trips to the ER and doctor’s office. If it wasn’t for our crappy but trusty ole’ health insurance, we’d been in the poor house for real. What? Was there something wrong with my milk? Was it tainted? What is wrong with my breastfed baby?


3 Responses to “Whoever said that breastfed babies…”

  1. westmama Says:

    It might not be the breastmilk. Though my son had a milk protein allergy (he grew out of) the first 6-8 months of breastfeeding. I had to eliminate dairy from my diet in all forms.

    Slowly I have been able to reintroduce it and he is doing fine. But in those early months he’d get sick when I would have any dairy. has great resources regarding this.

    Also if two of your children have asthma it might be environmental… mold maybe? Plus with two older children bringing in all sorts of germs your youngest might be working on building his immune system.

    Just thoughts.

  2. Some kids are just sicker than others. If he wasn’t breastfed, he could be sick even more often. Poor little guy, I hope he’s feeling better soon!

  3. suzy2110 Says:

    Hey there! Long time no speak! 🙂 I breastfed both of mine, and have to say that the son who was breastfed for ten months has (touch wood) had a lot fewer ear infections and chest infections than his older brother, who was breastfed for two months. I have no clue if it made any difference! It’s much more important that a child is loved, in my opinion! Hope your son will soon outgrow these childhood nasties! xo

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