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They don’t keep their best ones at home August 19, 2008

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During our staff development today, my principal made this comment regarding the parents of the students at our school. For the last couple of years, discipline has been a major issue at our school. We got a new principal two years ago, and things just seemed to go down hill when she got there. It really time for our VP to go home because he doesn’t do anything to assist in managing the kids. And I’m not talking about the normal student who disrupts the class. I’m talking about kids who have not respect for authority – they don’t listen to their parents, so they could really care less what teachers say. I’m talking about kids who don’t expect anything out of life because their parents don’t give them anything to hope for. I’m talking about kids who think the whole world is just like the tiny impoverished neighborhood they live in because they have no life experiences outside of it. I’m talking about kids who can’t focus at school because they didn’t get to eat the night before or couldn’t sleep because music was blasting while mama entertained in the other room. I’m talking about kids who don’t know how to care about themselves, let alone anyone else, because everyone who should’ve cared for them all along has failed them. 

But yet, I have to teach these kids. One of the reasons that I was dreading going back to work was because I know the kids that I’m going back to. I had plenty of opportunities to see them in action last year. I got to see them crawling on the lunchroom floor, smearing feces on the restroom walls, trashing teachers’ classrooms, spray painting the VP’s office wall. And that’s not the half of it. Seon keeps asking me why do I continue to go back. Why don’t I apply at another school. But if I do that, I will feel like I’ve turned my back on my own. Like I failed…them and myself. “They don’t keep their best ones at home.” I have to find a way to get through to them.


One Response to “They don’t keep their best ones at home”

  1. suzy2110 Says:

    What a tough job- I am sure you are making a difference but it must be so hard! Keep at it and chin up!

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