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Cool Green Things for Back To School August 11, 2008

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Since school will be starting in a couple of weeks, I’ve begun my online shopping search. Since I’ve started to try to be more eco-friendly, I’ve been looking at some green things for back to school. Here’s some cool lunch gear that I found. No trash to go in the landfills and no plastics. Good for us and the environment. What more can I ask for?

Basura Insulated Lunch Bags

Stainless Steel Lunch Carrier from Healthy Kitchenware:

Snoopy Metal Lunchbox (variety of others):


Reuseable Sandwich Wraps (these are so cool!):


Adult Beverage Bottles:


Scooby Doo Funtainer Thermos for Kiddos (variety of others):


2 Responses to “Cool Green Things for Back To School”

  1. MGuide Says:

    Thank You, For Your information.

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  2. suzy2110 Says:

    Ohhh, my oldest is about to start preschool and he would sooo love that Scooby Doo flask! Thanks for the links!

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