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Missing my baby like crazy! July 30, 2008

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Well, it has hit me hard! I miss my baby like crazy! Kyndal left to spend a week with NaeNae on Sunday when she went back to Killeen. I was so looking forward to this break, but I miss hearing his whiny voice calling mommy to play. I miss chasing him around the house. I miss swinging him around like he’s always asking me to do. I miss cuddling with him at night. I even miss him waking up bright and early each morning asking for his chocolate milk, pancakes, and eggs. Mind you, I haven’t cooked breakfast at all this week since he’s been gone. So Dominic and Bryson are probably ready for him to get back for this reason if no other. Nope, Mom hasn’t cooked breakfast in four days!

Now wouldn’t you know it, he is having asthma symptoms now that he’s there! I talked to him yesterday and noticed the signs immediately. I mentioned it to NaeNae and she said that he’d been wheezing the night before. Of course I packed his nebulizer to go with him, but in the rush I didn’t notice that the medicine cap didn’t get into the bag. So I looked on the internet to find a medicine supply store in their area, which the closest one ended up being in Temple. He hadn’t had any asthma issues in the past month or so. But as soon as he leaves, they flare up. But I guess it just wouldn’t be Kyndal if he wasn’t starting a ruckus in some way or another.

Needless to say, I’m so looking forward to tomorrow when he gets home. All of the things he’s been begging me to do, we will do: go swimming, make sno-cones, go to the movies, go bowling, and go to Six Flags to name a few. This is the first time my baby has been away from me this long and I can’t wait for him to get back home.


Vinegar…who knew?

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Vinegar. A common household staple that’s usually readily available in most homes has many uses that many people probably never think about. If you are looking for more natural ways to clean your home, checkout the following lists of household uses for vinegar.

* laundry fabric softner (I’ve heard it leaves clothes clothesline FRESH!)
* Vinegar is a great glass cleaner. It also works well to clean the innards of the coffee maker (run plain water through a cycle or two after you run the vinegar).
* Soaking clothes in water with vinegar added removes smoky smell. After my apartment burned, I tried this with clothes I had salvaged from the burned apartment. It worked great. This was one use I found when I searched online for uses for vinegar.
* I use vinegar to clean my fridge. It works well and I don’t have to worry about it being close to my food like I would with bleach.
* I love using vinegar for cleaning the bathroom. I keep a spray bottle in the shower and spray it down after I get done showering. It completely keeps the hard water stains and soap scum away.
* To lessen the sharp smell of vinegar sprinkle with some baking soda- a natural deodorizer. Both vinegar and baking soda work wonders, but together- really you don’t need anything else.
* …I use it all over the place. I keep a spray bottle of half vinegar/half water and use it for the dry erase board, window/mirror cleaner, small carpet stains, wiping down the table, spraying it on dishes that may have sat for a day (it breaks it right up and makes cleaning a breeeze!), and I buy vinegar buy the gallon and go through a gallon about a week and a half. I use it in the wash – it’s excellent for removing “accident” smells from little boy clothing/sheets and for general freshness. I also use it in the dishwasher as it helps to remove soap scum from the dishes… BTW, I’ve found it’s cheapest at Wal-mart if you buy store brand.
* I use vinegar and really hot water in my carpet steamer. It makes your carpet squeaky clean and it removes stains.
* I also used it this morning to get dry erase marker off the wall.

(This list was complied from fellow bloggers who have posted about their uses of vinegar.)


Making Pie Crust by Hand – Video July 29, 2008

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During my culinary explorations and discoveries, I came across this instructional video on making hand made pie crusts. I decided to post this video for one: my own selfish reasons – in order to keep it handy and readily available when I need it and B: to share it with others whom it may benefit. Again, I keep saying things like that as if anyone reads my blog. But anyhoo, here it is anyway. Just click anywhere on this text and you will be taken to the video (I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video in this post.)


WTH?? AF again? July 28, 2008

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OK…I think I better get to work on finding a new doctor. It has been 15 days – barely two weeks – since my last cycle and here it comes again today! WTH??? The ladies on my March Mommies forum assure me that my body is most likely getting back to normal from the miscarriage. But my paranoia with anything going wrong with my health is pushing me toward getting confirmation. Just for my peace of mind.


Happy 80th Birthday, Meme! July 26, 2008

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We celebrated Meme’s 80th birthday today. Of course we had everything planned down to the last minute detail. Who knew that by the end of the day we’d have to deal with with a last minute, unexpected phone call, the cops showing up, a car fire on the freeway, and a party with no party favors!

Let me start from the beginning. We, the grandkids, were throwing the surprise party. So the plan was for Seon and I to get the balloons, banner, and birthday card. MeShawn was going to get the cake, tableware, flowers, and ice cream. We gathered everything at our house and everyone met at the Olive Garden for dinner. We were there no longer than 5 minutes when Seon’s work pager goes off. He calls in and wouldn’t you know it – he has to go to work. Needless to say, he was upset and as he rushed off, I didn’t think about the fact that he was leaving with the doorkey to the house. The same house where all of the party favors sat.

In the meantime, we stuff ourselves on appetizers, salad, and breadstics. By the time our food arrived, I already know I’m going to need a carryout. We ate and chatted, while Kyndal had everyone eating out of the palm of his hands the whole time. I order Seon Shrimp Fettacine to go and then MeShawn and I prepare to leave to setup for the party. That’s when I realize I have no key to get in the house! We try calling Seon at work, but I knew that the odds of getting him were slim because this wasn’t a typical day of work for him. I couldn’t call Bryson for the simple fact that I have yet to put his cell number into memory. So here we are. Stuck! Not sure what to do next. Then just in time, Seon calls and says he’s done and that he would be leaving in about 20 mintues. Which meant we still had at least 45 mintues to kill because he still had to drive home. So Aunt Bell and Kaye went to pickup the balloons, Dominic and I rode with MeShawn, Rachel and Brian, and Kyndal went with NaeNae, Meme, and Sheila. They going to do some grocery shopping for Kyndal since he’s going home with NaeNae for a week! :O

Now since we had some time to kill, we decided to stop by the mall – Rachel needed a pair of pants before leaving for camp this week. After getting the pants, and a new handbag for myself, we head to Meme’s. Now wouldn’t you know it, as we make the loop onto the freeway, we notice a car had caught fire. Right in our exit lane! But we were quick in thinking on our feet and were barely able to bypass it.  Seon calls and says he’s already at the house and will take everything to Meme’s and we could just meet them there. As me make it to the corner of Meme’s house, we notice several police cars coming from that direction. We pull up to the house and are told that no one could remember the code to the security system and when the security company called they couldn’t provide the correct password. (Of course, if Seon had’ve been there all of that would have been avoided because if anyone knows that information – he does!) Somehow they convinced the police that we were giving a surprise party and they left! Only in the hood!

We get everything setup just as NaeNae calls and says they are on their way. When they arrive, Meme is surprised! She never expected us to be there, so she definitely didn’t expect a party in her honor. She gushed and blushed and gave us tips on how we too could still be gorgeous at 80. All in all, we had a wonderful time, despite a few snaphos along the way. Meme never knew (well we did tell her about the cops coming) but she was so happy and excited. It was a great day!


Breast Cancer Self Checks July 18, 2008

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I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been caught up in reading blogs writtten by women with breast cancer. Maybe it’s that voyeuristic part of me that likes to get a glimpse into the lives and struggles of others besides my own. Or maybe it’s just my curious nature. Whatever the case, for the past few days, that’s all I’ve been doing. The stories of triumph and sometimes times defeat these women share are inspiring and sad all at the same time. As I read I often wonder how I wouild react in the face of such devastating news. Surely not as courageous as some of  these women. In the midst of it all, it made me realize how I’ve been slack in doing my own self exams. I used to be good about these things. I noticed that I was somewhat afraid to do my own exam after reading the blogs. But yet I did and it appears all is well. But I stress the importance of doing monthly self checks. The survival rate increases the earlier breast cancer is detected. This is an ugly disease and hopefully a cure is found soon. In the meantime be proactive, know your body, and watch for any changes. If you notice any of the following symptoms, make an appointment with your ob/gyn immediately. Be healthy!

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

* lumps, hard knot or thickening in any part of the breast

* unusual swelling, warmth, redness or darkening that does not go away

* change in size or shape of your breasts

* an itchy, scaly sore or rash or the nipple

* dimpling or puckering of the skin of your breasts

* pulling in of the nipple or other parts of the breasts

* nipple discharge that starts suddenly

* pain in one spot that does not vary with your monthly cycle

How often should we be tested?

Ages 20-39 – monthly self exams and clinical breast exams every 3 years              

Ages 40 and older – mammogram once a year; clinical breast exam once a year; self exam monthly

courtesy of Susan G. Komen for the Cure


Keeping it real

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We hear alot of people talk about keeping it real. But I wonder how many people actually keep it real. I mean, could we handle being around each other if we “kept it real” all of the time. Could we handle the brutal honesty involved in “keeping it real”?

Well let’s see. Here’s some brutal honesty for your ass. Let’s keep it real.

1. I love being a mother, but sometimes my kids drive me nuts and I just want to drive away and not come back.

2. Being married does not get easier after 7 years. I now understand the saying “marry someone who loves you more than you love them.”

3. My oldest son is gay and it devastates the hell out of me.

4. Sometimes I think about calling the supernanny to help me get my house under control because I don’t feel like I can do it myself.

5. I am usually more sad than I am happy and I don’t know why. I’m not depressed, but just kind of blah.

I guess I better stop there. I don’t want anyone to think that I’ve jumped off the deep end (as if anyone really reads my blog, but just in case.) There will be more to come. We’ll let these marinate. If you think these were bad, just wait until you see the rest. Peace!