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Did You Know – Mildred Loving, matriarch of interracial marriage, dies May 8, 2008

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Our world is made up of some many kinds of couples. Have you ever thought of the first brave interracial couple that went against the grain and challenged the prejudices of our country? If you are like me, I never have, since I’m not in an interracial relationship. However, my sister is and so are several of my friends. So this Did You Know post is for them, as well of those of you who dare to see past color and love someone of another race. … bit_loving

Mrs. Loving, a black woman, commited the “crime” of being in a relationship with a white man in Virginia. They had a child together when she was 18 and lived together when they were arrested in their sleep. If convicted, they both would have had to serve 1 year in jail because they were “cohabiting as man and wife, against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth.” Instead of serving jail time they decided to move away from their families to Washington and they married in 1958. They then began working on their case with the ACLU and on June 12th 1967 the Supreme Court made it legal to marry inter-racially.

Every year on June 12th, Loving Day is celebrated so I encourage those of us who were affected by this law to do something in honor of this couple. Here is a link to site dedicated to this couple and the law they helped pass.

Here is a great video celebrating inter-racial relationships. … oid=926215


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