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Am I getting wiser as I get older…. April 5, 2008

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or just plain crazy??? I guess that depends on how you look at it. Here I am, already a mother of 3 boys. Three boys that wore plain, ole, regular disposable diapers, ate regular old babyfood, and drank regular old formula. Well, two of them drank formula, my last one was breastfed. Hence, this is also playing into the question about my wisdom and sanity.

But, now I find myself pregnant once again. And I am ecstatic about having another baby. Despite the chapped nipples, mastitis, leaking boobies at the sounds of a baby crying – even if it wasn’t my own, expressing, and a clingy baby that wanted to stay attached to my breast and have nothing to do with Daddy, I will breastfeed this baby just as I did my last son. I never knew that I would enjoy nursing. The closeness I felt to my baby was unmatched to any other feeling in the world. Why hadn’t I thought to do this with my other two boys? Simple…I wasn’t educated about it. But the more I live, the more I grow. The more I grow, the more I learn. And once I have that knowledge I have to make a choice. A choice to do what’s right and good for my family or what’s easy and simple. Well, I learned that simple isn’t always the best.

Which brings me to this post. Along with nursing, S and I have decided to cloth diaper this baby. And that’s not it. We are also considering making our own baby food once the baby starts to eat solids. Now we know we will get many strange looks from our families and friends. Not to mention the questions, “Why are you using cloth diapers?”, “Wouldn’t it be so much easier to use disposables?”, “Who do you think is going to want to change those when you aren’t around?”, “Why would you want to spend so much time washing dirty diapers?”, “How can you stand to carry those stinky diapers in your diaper bag?”, “Why do you go through all of the trouble of making your own baby food?”, “Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper just to buy regular baby food?” I’m sure the list will go on and on. But our decision isn’t for our families and friends, even though we know they are well intentioned and we love them dearly. Our decision to do these things is for the benefit of our families. There are too many harmful things being put in products that our children come into contact with. I consider myself to be a savvy, educated, dedicated mother and wife. This being the case, I want to provide only the best for my family.

So as I get older, and hopefully wiser, I hope I can continue to make the right choices for my family. And in the meantime, I also hope that I can lovingly request others who question our choices, regardles of how well intentioned they are, to respect our decisions and let us do what’s best for us and our children.


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