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Can’t get no service… February 16, 2008

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Well, we are still phoneless, cableless, and internetless (I know…no such words, but totally describes our situation right now!) I’ve tried three times to get AT&T to come out and install our services and three times they have failed to show up. After finally getting customer service on the phone I was told that for some reason the online order didn’t transfer over. Go figure! Then after all of that, while trying to process my order on the phone, their computers go down. So I have to call back. I do and get a clueless customer service rep that took up my whole lunch period and still didn’t get the order processed. So after a week (they were supposed to be here Monday) we still have no service!!! And I’m tired of trying to connect to the unsecured server around here! Can you say frustration!?!?!

B made it to Florida safely and says he’s enjoying his job. We are starting to adjust, but I still have those moments when I go to set his place at the table or look for him to walk in from work. I miss him like crazy but I’m happy he’s able to live his dreams.

Pic for the day…a photo I took of K for Valentine’s Day…



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Well, we finished the move and are settled. I’m loving our new home. So much more space and now Samp can go out again without us having to take him. D has met more friends than he had the entire time we were at the apartment. He’s at a sleepover right now! I’m glad that he has kids to play with now.

The problem is, we have no phone and no INTERNET! Luckily, I’m able to get a wireless connection, but it’s sporadic. We won’t have a permanent line until the 11th! That’s over a week away! But it’s out of my hands. So I’ll have to suffer until then and deal with what I can get now.

We did take family pictures today since my B is leaving for Florida tomorrow. I’m sad that he’s leaving, but happy that he’s following his dream. My baby is going to be a star! The photo for today is my beautiful family.