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Don’t let them rent space in your brain! December 31, 2007

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HHHMMMM….I saw an entry with this title on another blog and it got me to thinking. The blogger said that her father used to tell her this all the time when she let other people control her thoughts and emotions. As I think about it, her father was a wise man. Why do we let people rent space in our brains? We do it all of the time. When we let other people control how we act because we are upset or mad; when we let our emotions get out of control at someone because of anger; when we are so consumed with revenge for something…the list goes on and on. I’m resolving to STOP letting people rent space in my brain. I will be the owner of my thoughts, emotions, and actions.



My Crash Test Dummy

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S actually sat in as my first portrait sitting! And he actually got into it. Surprised me. We joked about him being my crash test dummy! I set up a makeshift studio in the sunroom – which was really too small so there are some shadows on the photos. And I’m also learning about lighting, so there are some issues with that as well. Other than that, the pictures actually came out pretty good for my first time, if I do say so myself. I posted them in my Cafemom forum and got some pretty good critiques.

Some of my favs are included in this post. What do YOU think?


In the meantime… December 30, 2007

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…B didn’t get to audition for NIKE. There was a scheduling conflict with the auditions and several people didn’t get to audition. I told him not to worry because he already has one NIKE commercial in the works, which is great. He didn’t seem to let it get him down. Maybe he has started to list to his CrazyMomma and realize that it’s only a matter of time…not his time, but his time will come.

I talked with Tam for the first time in months. I told her about the wedding next year so she can start to get her juices flowing. She knows she has to help plan. S and I discussed our wants and desires for the wedding. We both agree that we want something small but intimate. We decided on 4 attendants. We were even in agreement on the colors. I knew he would want blue, but even I was thinking blue. So we agreed on that as well. So we are off to a good start. Now off to the catalogs I go!

The B and D came home from Corsicana. Funny how I’m always crying for a break when they are home, but when they are gone I miss the heck out of them. K is feeling much better than he did last night. He’s actually up running and playing. He hasn’t been wheezing or as congested as he was last night. Which makes me feel better. I hate when my babies are sick. I feel so helpless…


HELPLESS… December 29, 2007

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K is sick today and I feel so helpless. I hate when the kids get sick. I hate feeling like there is nothing I can do to help or make them feel better. And then I feel bad because I get irritated with the whining. Hence the title of this post…HELPLESS…

He woke up this morning and I could tell that he was more congested that he had been. Then came the wheezing and by the end of the afternoon he was tired and unwilling to play. He won’t eat and has been whining constantly. None of the meds seem to be working, all of them are OTC since I can’t go get a prescription due to the fact that we have no insurance right now. So it’s been a struggle to keep myself calm and nurturing, especially with this one. We all know he is not the easiest of children to deal with. But we’ve made it through. Tonight would have been a picture perfect opportunity. As a last resort I started a hot shower so that I could sit with K in the steam. As we sat there on the floor, I dozed off. When I woked up the first thing that came to my mind was, what a great photo that would have made. (That camera is started to take over my mind! LOL) I almost called S to come and take the pic as I reenacted it…I know, that’s a bit overboard!


Experimenting December 27, 2007

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I have been experimenting with my camera and after thinking that I’d actually mastered this in 2 days, I realize I still have a long way to go. But I am having fun. I’m sure this will start to get on everyone’s nerves soon since I’m always shooting something. S has already laughed because I was shooting cake sprinkles. LOL B got my idea about abstract art. LMAO This photo is one taken during my first online course. I was experimenting taking macro (portrait or close up) shots. This one was taken in color and altered to B&W using Picture Motion Browser – 0% saturation. I liked this one better than the one taken in B&W camera mode and the one altered using Photosmart Essential. I call this one My Sweet Boy. Yes, I knew his face wasn’t totally clean.


Happy Holidays To Me!

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Well, I must admit, things are going pretty good for the Walkers right now. Yesterday, we found out that Seon got a permanent position at work, which means we now have BENEFITS! I was happy with the job, but you never know how much you need insurance until you don’t have it.

Our Christmas was pretty good. The boys were happy and we were able to get everyone something. We are busted, but everyone is happy. S can’t put down the PSP that I got him and I haven’t let my digital camera and printer rest. I’ve started a new hobby – photography. I’ve always liked taking pictures, but I’m no good at it with a digital camera. I’m taking some free courses online and have learned alot and have even gotten some decent photos. But I have a long way to go.

We went home on Christmas. Enjoyed spending time with the fam. Mother was happy that we were all there. I’m glad we could make her day. Of course, D stayed. We almost made him come back home since he hasn’t been doing so not about staying on top of his chores. But that would have been punishment for him and us both. So we decided to let him stay until the weekend.

Here’s one of my Christmas shots…We Are Family!


Another NIKE audition December 17, 2007

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B found out from his agent that he had another NIKE audition. This is starting to really go well for him. I was kind of leery when he got his agent, just unsure if she would really be looking out for his best interests and really trying to get him work. Well, she has proven herself to me. I guess she would get him work if that is how she makes her money. I will update later.