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Back Home…Again September 16, 2007

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Well, B is back home! Inside I’m yelling “YAAAYYY!” I always told him that if he left and things weren’t what he expected that he always has a home here. My mama never kicked me out and I won’t do that to him either. He says that he’s not being scheduled for as many hours now so he’s not making as much money. So it’s starting to be a strain with his rent, car payment, and insurance. I’m not going to make him struggle through a situation that he didn’t create just to prevent more problems for us. So welcome back home, B! I missed ya!


PERFECTION September 5, 2007

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Nobody’s life is perfect. Why do I expect mine to be? I act as if I’m not allowed to forget a birthday, feel inadequate, unsure, or awkward, yell at the kids, or God forbid make a decision that no one agrees with. Why do I constantly strive for the well wishes of others. Why am I always worrying about what others may think or say about my choices. Maybe it’s because there is always someone with something to say. So I guess the best question is, why do I care so much?