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Crying… June 7, 2007

Filed under: Life - Mood: Sad — Flickerchic @ 3:16 pm
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Okay, after a few days of doing great, I’m sitting here in tears and I really don’t know why. Well, I do…I WANT MY HUSBAND HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I don’t know what brought this on. I was sitting here reading one of my March Mommies blogs about her new baby and all of a sudden I’m crying! When will it end? I hate this and it’s all out of my control. There is nothing I can do to resolve this and I feel like sadness is going to overtake my life until it is resolved. This is not how I pictured my marriage. I WANT IT OVER!!!!!!!!!! God, please bring my family back together. Please bring my husband home. Please!!!


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